Comprehensive Landscaping Service in Ventura, CA

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Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance is a commercial landscaping and lawn care company serving businesses in the greater Ventura area. As a local, family-owned business that has been serving Ventura County for over 36 years, local businesses have come to trust our expert team to handle all of their landscaping needs. We take pride in helping our customers achieve the ideal look for their business.

With more than 30 years of experience serving Ventura County, Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance offers our clients the exceptional commitment to service and attention to detail that is needed to create and maintain beautiful and healthy outdoor environments. We have a long history of providing professional services that garner high-quality results. We place great emphasis on maintaining good customer relationships based on teamwork and communication skills, and by always responding rapidly to queries and requests. We believe that putting our values into practice creates long-term, positive relationships with our customers.

Let Garcia's Landscaping Maintain Your Property's Beauty and Value

Did you know that healthy trees and professional landscaping can increase your property value by up to 10%? Not only is your landscaping essential to maintaining your property's value, but it is the first impression people get of your business or residence. Make the best first impression possible by giving your trees and shrubs a unique look, as well as having a healthy, green, and perfectly maintained landscape! Contact us today to schedule a free on-site estimate where we can discuss the best approach to your landscaping needs and goals.

Ventura's Premier Provider of Commercial Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Services

As any experienced property manager or HOA representative knows, well-designed and maintained landscaping can dramatically increase the curb appeal and enjoyment of any property. With over three decades of experience in the commercial landscaping industry, we have the expertise required to provide the reliable, thorough service that your business requires. We can provide you with a landscape that results in higher resident and customer satisfaction, greater occupancy rates, and improved property values!

Lawn Care and Irrigation Maintenance

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Commercial properties require proper and thorough lawn care and maintenance to remain in top shape. Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance can take care of all of your lawn care needs, from grass cutting and lawn mowing to trimming, edging, and clearing away debris. Our full-service lawn care solutions will ensure that your grass always looks healthy and full.

Healthy soil is the necessary foundation for healthy plants, but often soil can be compacted through use and become less hospitable for your plant's roots. By conditioning your soil, you can help improve its quality and allow your plants to flourish. Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance will assess the condition of your soil in order to recommend the correct treatment plan.

In order to keep your sprinkler system working well, regular irrigation maintenance is required. Our professional technicians can make sure that your irrigation system is properly set up to meet the needs of your plants and lawn. When necessary, we can also replace sprinkler heads and repair any leaks to ensure that your sprinkler system is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Professional Plant and Shrub Care

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The overall landscape design of your commercial property is critical to its value, and proper plant care is required to keep your shrubs, flowers and other plants beautiful and in keeping with your original design. Our landscaping experts can help your plants thrive by designing a plan to provide your plants with the necessary fertilization, weed treatments, and pest control to keep them looking their best.

Thanks to its mild climate, residents of Southern California have the opportunity to enjoy colorful flowers year-round. At Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance, we offer seasonal flower gardening services aimed at refreshing your flower beds every season. This way, your residents can enjoy beautiful blooming flowers every month of the year.

As for shrubs, without proper upkeep, your property's shrubbery can become overgrown, unkempt and misshapen. Because we understand that property managers have enough to worry about, the expert technicians at Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance can keep your shrubs in good health and proper appearance. We will prune, edge and remove broken branches and dead wood to maintain the correct size and shape for your bushes.

Hear directly from our satisfied customers!

"Garcia's Landscaping company has done an amazing job with both our exterior and our interior landscaping needs. From designing a landscape plan to executing the design to maintaining the grounds: they have and continue to do an amazing job. Thank you Garcia's Landscaping." Susy Martinez, Property Manager
El Paseo El Prado

Our mission is to provide you a hassle-free, single-source landscape solution. Call Garcia's Landscaping & Maintenance today for a free on-site estimate!